A while ago we did this series of playlists where friends of ours would pick songs that they love, and explain why they loved them, called ‘You should be listening to…’

We got through us, Sannie Fox and Roach from Krushed & Sorted and then we stopped for some reason. You can find those here, here and here if you’re interested.

Anyway Spotify came out last month in this country, and we thought we would make a playlist that we would keep updating, of all the stuff that we like at the moment, as we find it. You can check it out below:)

Today, here is the first track from our forthcoming second full length album, “You Can”, a slice of Nu-Disco we’re really excited to be able to finally put out there. It’s been a while since we’ve released new music.

Life has kind of gotten in our way the last few years, but we’ve finally got round to producing most of a new album, called exactly that “Life get’s in the way”.

We’re pretty amped to finally get the ball rolling on this, and we really hope you are too.


You can grab it on iTunes at this link, or, if you’ve signed up to our mailing list, you’ll be getting a download link in a bit:)


So we made this edit for fun in an afternoon a couple of weeks ago, something we’ll be doing more of in the coming months with our friend Kimon. You can grab it for free from the soundcloud embed below.

We’ve always loved Maceo, The J.B’s (Fred Wesley I think is one of our favourite trombonists), and Cross the Tracks just grooves so hard. M.O.P smashed it with Ante Up, it still drops hard if you play it in 2013.
This is maybe a glimpse of what might have happened if those guys had an accident with a time machine and wound up stumbling onto stage with one of the baddest funk outfits in the business:) Download it below.

Drop us a comment below giving us your best idea for a mashup. We’ll make the one we think is the best, and swing the person who comes up with it a copy of our album ‘Look Mom No Hands’ on African Dope.

100% All Local Ultimix

Saturday 5th of October at 18H30 Euphonik is featuring the 100% all local Ultimix we put together for the fresh drive 2 weeks ago, on his show on 5fm. It has tracks from Sibot, Jumping Back Slash, The Brother Moves On, Dank, P.H.fat ,Jam Jarr and Phaze amongst others. Listen in Here

Today sees the official release of the brand new Mother City E.P. by Cape Town’s SAMA nominated act, Mix n Blend. The EP, entitled Mother City, features four tracks in collaboration with SFR, with vocals courtesy of The Ruffest, Chronic Clan, and Bonj, and will be available for free download from their SoundCloud page.