A while ago we did this series of playlists where friends of ours would pick songs that they love, and explain why they loved them, called ‘You should be listening to…’

We got through us, Sannie Fox and Roach from Krushed & Sorted and then we stopped for some reason. You can find those here, here and here if you’re interested.

Anyway Spotify came out last month in this country, and we thought we would make a playlist that we would keep updating, of all the stuff that we like at the moment, as we find it. You can check it out below:)

I realised the other day that all I really do is post tracks I like on Facebook.

So maybe it’s easier to just post them on here, and then at least we have a sort of diary of stuff we bought and liked.
Here’s 3 tracks we bought in the last week, so I guess we must have liked them.

 Jurassic 5 РCustomer Service

Well this is super old-school in flavour, and it’s now 8 months old, but i didn’t realise J5 had recorded a new track. I knew they were touring again. This is a free download too, so I guess head on over¬†here and grab it.

Fono – Feet on the Ground (Ivy Lab Remix)

I heard this on this Ivy Lab mix, and I guess it just has something really great to it. Spacy, tripped out, heavy.

Manu Digital – Digital Robot feat. George Palmer

So blissful and spaced out, dub with hardly any beats, but just seems to work so well even in the midst of much more beatsy sets.