So we made this edit for fun in an afternoon a couple of weeks ago, something we’ll be doing more of in the coming months with our friend Kimon. You can grab it for free from the soundcloud embed below.

We’ve always loved Maceo, The J.B’s (Fred Wesley I think is one of our favourite trombonists), and Cross the Tracks just grooves so hard. M.O.P smashed it with Ante Up, it still drops hard if you play it in 2013.
This is maybe a glimpse of what might have happened if those guys had an accident with a time machine and wound up stumbling onto stage with one of the baddest funk outfits in the business:) Download it below.

Drop us a comment below giving us your best idea for a mashup. We’ll make the one we think is the best, and swing the person who comes up with it a copy of our album ‘Look Mom No Hands’ on African Dope.